Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge designed & directed by Anthony Gaddis

Ad of the Day: Kmart

Draftfcb shows off a dizzying array of Halloween costumes, and sets a world record in the process

Looking for a killer Halloween costume? Check out this killer Kmart commercial first.

The dizzying 90-second spot, from Draftfcb in Chicago, distills the essence of a live event held earlier this month in the parking lot of a Chicago Kmart, where Monternez "Monty" Rezell danced his way through scores of Halloween costumes—showing off a tiny portion of the 3,000 or so available online and in-store at Kmart. And it wasn't just a leisurely shoot, either. Rezell, one-half of the Stick and Move dance duo (who appeared on America's Got Talent), was aiming to beat the Guinness World Record for number of costume changes—and he did so, with over 150 changes in six hours and five minutes. (Each costume consisted of at least three pieces, and Rezell needed to change into each one unassisted and remain in it for at least five seconds.)

The agency invited mommy bloggers to the site to watch the challenge live; created the #Kmartworldrecord hashtag for people to follow and share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; and streamed the event live on UStream. All good backstory—but the finished spot is pretty amazing to watch, too, unless you're prone to motion sickness. The sweeping frozen-moment camera pans are brilliantly executed (and show off the costumes wonderfully), and the soundtrack—"Like Wolves," by David Condos—lends a supercool, foreboding air to the production.

The most eye-popping Kmart ad ever? It just might be. Frightfully good.

- AdWeek

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Will Ferrell, George Clooney, PlayStation's all-stars, and Kmart's scary-good Halloween spot

 #1. Kmart ‘Halloween Costume Challenge’

One-half of the Stick and Move dance duo beat the Guinness World Record for number of costume changes—over 150 in just over six hours—in this frenetic Kmart ad.

- AdWeek


The 10 Best Halloween Ads of All Time

Halloween is the perfect time for brands to get a little weird with their commercials. Heart-warming scenes of families eating their morning cereal are suddenly replaced by flesh-eating zombies, insane ax murderers, and demon children. It’s fantastic.

Want to get a little spooked? Grab some candy corn, my friends, because you’re about to experience ten of the most horrifyingly awesome Halloween ads of all time:

1. Kmart, “Halloween Challenge”

This video is refreshing because it doesn’t need to make its viewers scream and pee themselves in order to be memorable. Instead, Kmart figured out how to incorporate their product, break a world record, and use a celebrity dancer all in one amazing ad. Now I won’t feel so bad the next time I can’t decide what to wear—Monty Rezell changed costumes 150 times in six hours!

-The Content Strategist


Anthony Gaddis directing Monternez EmceeMonte Rezell



photos © Andrew Cutraro

Kmart in the USA recently promoted its expansive Halloween collection by setting up shop in the parking lot of Kmart’s Addison and Kimball location in Chicago and inviting the neighborhood to watch dancer Monternez “Monty” Rezell, from the Chicago Hip Hop dance crew Stick and Move, dance his way through eight hours of costume changes. Why eight hours? Because that’s what it would take to set the Guinness World Record for most costume changes. Each costume consisted of at least three pieces, and Monty needed to change into each costume unassisted and remain in it for at least 5 seconds.

Monty, a contestant for America’s Got Talent, danced, posed and dressed his way into the record book. The Big Freeze Camera system captured his every step with 48 DSLR’s, the same system used for the Grammy’s Glam Cam, as Monty succeeded in breaking the Guinness World Record for most costume changes in an 8 hour period. Kmart’s large selection of 3,000 Halloween costumes and accessories supported this world record effort. And for those wanting even more engagement, there was a live stream video available via UStream the night of the event. 

-The Inspiration Room