Run Things' Dumb in the Sun official music video designed & directed by Anthony Gaddis

Premiere: This New Run Things Music Video is Like Drive in Space

Run Things' new video for "Dumb In The Sun" sounds like that dopamine deprived drive back from Coachella, a post-party comedown track that is the aural equivalent of a morning-after tall glass of orange juice and bacon and eggs. It doesn't get much better than that.


on the set of Dumb in the Sun. photos courtesy © Andrew Cutraro

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Lazy, partying guitar sounds straight from sunny Los Angeles.You can hear the opinion that the clip to this number looks like "Drive" played somewhere on the subtle border of this planet with the rest of the universe, which is difficult to discuss. Music layer should be prescribed in the absence of vitamin D. I do not know if the long-term use of this number is able to replace sun exposure, but this loose, surf climate makes the proverbial banana appear on the face, even if you are not able to find any proverbs with this fruit in the lead role.

- CZWÒRKA Polskie Radio