Tough Times Call for Good Feels

November 05, 2021

My long-time partner in all-things-animation, Jon Lutjens, was interviewed by Maxon, the parent company of 3D softwear maker Cinema 4D. He spoke with Meleah Maynard about our newest video series and creative endeavor, GOOD TRIP - and a bit about our creative process at large.

“Anthony and I have a process that we’ve developed over many years and, in many ways, it’s unspoken. Working with him entails doing tons of research and development until we see something that is delightful and original. It’s a much more experimental process than most of the collaborative work I do. It’s more akin to the process of painting than the traditionally mapped-out methodology of production.”

Photo from the article of my early sketch for the GOOD TRIP Ep. 1 video composition

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