Photo © Andrew Cutraro

I make content. That’s about as close as I can come to capturing it in a single sentence. For me, the goal is always the same, and that is to create, visualize and articulate ideas that make meaningful connections between people and brands, companies, causes, beliefs, anything.

Anthony Gaddis is a designer & director based in Los Angeles. He began working as a creative professional at the age of fifteen. First as an illustrator’s assistant, then as a designer & photographer’s assistant. His first post-art-school commission was the cover art for an Outkast single that went platinum. In the early 00’s, Gaddis joined Core, contributing to the achievement of Graphis Magazine’s Top Ten Creative Agencies in the World. Since then he's been an Illustrator, designer, art-director, and filmmaker for some of the world’s great brands including Apple, Gucci, Maserati, Nike & Virgin


tel: 314-374-8907